New ideas need courage and this courage depends on partnerships of equals. That’s why we are so committed to creating flat hierarchies, freedom to think and a relaxed vibe. We place a great deal of trust in our employees and give them the opportunity to take on a high degree of personal responsibility, because we believe in our people and that intrinsic motivation is the best driver for success.

Lisa Sieber

I moved to Berlin from Regensburg to join AVENTOS. It felt like a jump into the deep end, but from the very first minute here I knew that this is exactly what I want!

Everyone gets the chance to contribute here. I feel totally at home in this working atmosphere. People listen to what I have to say and actively discuss my ideas. It is working so closely together takes us to the next level.

My current challenge is really special: We are developing the OSRAM site, which is so rich in tradition and a real fixture of Berlin’s industrial heritage, into a mixed-use quarter with a wide range of spaces and uses.

We communicate with each other so openly and overcome any challenges together. I’m not worried that my life and career plans won’t fit in with those of AVENTOS. This is definitely where I see my future.

Maurice Holthuizen
Investment manager, AVENTOS Capital Markets

I practically ‘grew up’ with real estate and joined AVENTOS as an intern. When I started, there were only four of us – now there are more than 15! So, I have grown with AVENTOS and know that I am in absolutely the right place here. It’s such a great team: everyone here is as dedicated as they are passionate. There’s no place to work quite like AVENTOS.

I am currently studying for my Master’s degree in Accounting and Finance. Karim supported me in taking this step. Professional development and continuing education are top priorities at AVENTOS. That’s why we get all the support we need and are given every opportunity to develop and learn new things.

My personal philosophy is based on the principle of “brick on brick”. For me, my studies are a visible, tangible and lasting investment and it is precisely in these asset categories that I see my future at AVENTOS.

Patrick Ibler — Head of Development (Süddeutschland)

I get all the backing I need for my plans. That motivates me immensely and makes me feel stronger: I am important here and can help write the company’s history.

Matthias Hillebrand — Chief Financial Officer

We are an agile speedboat! We make our decisions directly, quickly and reliably.

Lisa Sieber — Developer

You get to be involved and build something new. And that’s exactly what we’re all so passionate about.

Viktor Schulte — Development Partner

We don’t want run-of-the-mill or nine-to-five. We want to break out of well-worn routines.

Do you want to help write the AVENTOS story? Are you ready to rethink real estate and break new ground? We’re here to challenge established ideas and blaze new trails. If the future is more important to you than a dusty track record, then you’re the perfect fit for our team.